Monday, September 5, 2011

Well, Hello :)

Welcome to The Grey Area Mom!

I'm Thea, nice to meet you.
So to give you a schpeel on what this blog is supposed to be about and to give you reasons why you should read it here goes nothing:

Ever try to read a mommy blog and end up feeling inferior and unsophisticated after?  Or maybe you end up feeling you've neglected your children because you weren't able to homeschool or spend every waking hour with them? Or do you ever feel like a bad spouse because you didn't cook a 4 course meal and served up a hot bowl of Top Ramen instead?

Yeah, me too. Not to knock those ladies who can do all of the above and not to knock who are the extreme opposite of that too. But what about us in the in between? The grey area. The ones who aren't the moms who wear high heels to the grocery store or are so hipsterish that it hurts. You know what I mean? I wanted to have a fun place to talk about the things the other mommy blogs don't talk about or censor without over doing and seeming like a sex deprived manic depressant. Do those women actually read what they write?
I'm just a normal small town gal that has quite the ride thus far in life and I want to share what has gotten me this far. Maybe I'll even poke fun at somethings because life is short and we should smile and giggle as much as possible.  Its okay to laugh and mess up!

I've invited a couple of my friends to join me in this little blogging adventure. Me and my two J's!
Jenny & Jessi. I feel we each have unique perspectives on parenthood and life in general. (Individual interviews to come!) 

How do we all know each other you might wonder.
Well, Jenny & I hail from an Island in Washington State. We're both Navy Brats and attended elementary school together.
I remember thinking Jenny had the most beautiful hair when we were little. Even though she kinda reminded me of that girl from Poltergeist. After our "chaotic high school years" we've reunited and intend on getting matching unicorn tattoos!

Jessi & I met each other through an alternative parenting group in Seattle. Sounds like a kind of thing huh? But it is true and our families have been close ever since. We even have matching Mexican style mumu dresses. Now that is friendship!

Thanks so much for checking us out and I hope you'll be back for more. We'll be sharing recipes, stories, family projects and even VIDEOS so you can giggle along with us.

Yee haw!

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