Monday, March 12, 2012

A Year Later

While many of us Americans were grumbling about our spring ahead in time yesterday, it was a day of remembrance in Japan.

One year ago an 9.0 earthquake shook Japan. A massive tsunami followed. It was absolutely devastating. Many of us watched the surreal horror live via newscasts. Many lives, homes, farmlands and more were lost.  200 children lost both of their parents and 1,200 lost one parent to the earthquake/tsunami.

I have personal & professional ties to Japan and I grew up in an area where there is a potential for a  tsunami if a big earthquake hit. This all hits home for me.

In the aftermath discussions of this horrific event one question that was repeated over and over was "Are you prepared for an event like this?" My honest answer was no.
I didn't really have emergency supplies or plans for my family if a big emergency were to occur.
I'm really not a doom and gloom type of person, I do like to be prepared for anything though. (You should see my mega purse!) With my kids getting older and driving themselves about, I realized I should have a plan.

All families should.
Here's's  Build a kit link. It has a list of supplies, food and water you should have on hand.

For those who have driving teenagers they should have a little kit for their cars in case of any accidents or emergencies. Make sure they know how to use any tools that you may include in that kit.

Washington State's Emergency Management Division has a list of emergency publication topics that are downloadable online.

I picked up this book: Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens By Kathy Harrison

It has some great information & tips.
Having a plan for the just in cases could be a big benefit to you and yours. Add it to your to do list if you haven't already.


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