Monday, December 17, 2012

We've Been On Hiatus

If you didn't notice. :)

As with life things can become very roller coaster like and it doesn't allow for much thought processing via the internet since often you find yourself in a knee jerk do it now mode.

Reconnecting with old friends, loosing a couple too, paying bills, daily grind stuff, extended family all adds up sometimes. There's not much left for the frivolity of mind dumping on the computer.

Yet birthdays still happen:
My son's 16th birthday cake

Kids grow up and do amazing things:
@Jina Starr wearing @glamspoon on @KING5TV New Day NW #local #TV #channel5  #SEATTLE @RubyRoomSeattle 
My eldest daughter modeling on a local tv show.

Life keeps on keeping on. Since my own father passed away a little over 8 ago when I was still in my 20's I feel cheated. I know from talking with my other friends who also lost their parents at a young age, it's a common to feel cheated. You didn't get enough time, you didn't get to share big life experiences with them. It can make you long for their presence and do the "I wishes".
There's not much you can do when you are at a loss like that except fill your heart with good thoughts of them and go on. On the flip side, as a parent you can invest that quality time with your kids. Spend as much time as you can with them because life flies by and you don't want your kids to ever say "I wish you would've spent more time with me." They can get over not owning an Xbox because there will be another thing just like it down the road, but never will be more time to spend during their childhood.

I'm not the most successful gal in my business world. I could be more assertive with that if I wanted. I could be making more money and buying more cool stuff, but that takes away from my time with my kids. I'll be honest, this year its really setting in how fast the time flies by. I'm in the months count down mode to when my oldest will be packing up and moving out. That's it. That's all I get. Even if she has to come back home and live with me as many of us had to do, she'll be different.

Thoughts like that come up especially when you see horrible things in the news. It urges you to use your time wisely, you never know what will happen next.

Hug your kids and the ones you love more often.


Look for upcoming posts on The Senior Year Project.

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