Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love you on Tuesdays.

My dad used to joke that he only loved me on Tuesdays. Silly old man stuff I guess or being the baby the family that was the only day not taken???  I think of this every Tuesday. I also make my kid their sandwiches for Tuesday. (Well this week I was a day early.) I know some of you supermoms out there wake up every morning and make sandwiches for your kids everyday. I have four big kids that are capable of making their own lunches. I don't have them do it out of my lack of being a morning person or out laziness but out of love.

My son's mega peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Love you say? Yes, think about how many people you know who do not know how to cook these days. How many opt for eating out everyday for lunch instead of bringing one? While being frugal is important to me, being healthy & capable are even more so. These are things I want to pass along to my kids. I feel like knowing how to pack your own lunch is a good basic daily task that teaches those things

Like any other mom I go to the store accumulate the food at the and bring it home. The kids know where its at (hopefully they helped put it away), know they can eat it and they can pack up their lunches with it. I don't think this would work to great with a groggy 5 year old. A groggy 15 year old knows that if he doesn't do it then he won't eat lunch or he'll have to spend his own money on crappy school food. (Note: a side effect of having your kids pack and bring their own lunches they become food snobs. My kids will bitch and moan about eating excessively greasy school pizza. On the other hand they believe sliced white bread is a treat.)

This topic might be stupid to blog about because its pretty easy to allow your kid to have the independence to make their own lunches, especially when you provide healthy food options at home and if they are over the age of 10. Honestly, I do have to admit every once in a while I'll find out that one of my older kids friends don't know how to cook or that they eat out at McDonald's weekly and that is shocking to me. A.) By the age of 13 I think you should be able to at least scramble eggs on your own and B.) People still eat at McDonald's?


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