Thursday, May 30, 2013


A little late to arrive but practically perfect in every way.
She almost killed me, put me in the hospital for a couple months but came out screaming like a little fighter. Born on my grandmother's birthday and named after two of her grandmothers. Jina arrived to the world in the same hospital that I did. She was bright red from screaming and at 18 years old myself at the time I was a little freaked out. But when she opened her slate blue eyes (which are now brown) all was good.


18 years later to day all is still good.

Being a teenaged single mother the cards were certainly stacked against us at times. I did not always make the best choices in life. I often veered towards the hard road. Through many things that most will be lucky enough to never experience this girl is the rose that grew from concrete.
Not only a beauty, she is that closet smart girl that takes incredible joy from making mid terms "her bitch".  She has worked hard with great care and personal pride in all of her academic work, violin lessons and ballet performances. She has been the best big sister, my little mini me and our family's Hero Of Time.

To know her is to love her. 
Welcome to adulthood Baby Ji.

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