Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Out and About

*Say it with some Canadian flair!*  Out & aboot.

Well that's what we've been. Not in Canada, but not too far from it.

Thea, Alaskan JoAnn & Jenny
When a friend from Alaska flies down you have to drop everything and have a little mini vacation. I mean it's pretty much like Santa coming down from the North Pole right?

The three of us pictured above go way back. We go back to when one of us was a tomboy (Thea), one of us wore Cosby sweaters (JoAnn) and the one looked exactly like the girl from the Poltergeist movies (Jenny). We all "cashed in" our mom tax* cards and spent a few days together in our home town.

As always it was a hoot. But these were involved so it pretty much was going to be a hoot anyways.

Oh the joys of candy bars for dinner (because there's no kid forcing you to eat veggies) and tall glasses of alcohol for dessert it was good stuff.

We'll be back with some recipe posts, tutorials & a few tales too.


*Definition of Mom Tax - A cut/portion of something that a child attains that a mom should get a cut of. For example: Halloween candy. A mom should be able to "tax" her child for the candy - (i.e. take a small portion of said child's candy because she just drove her all over 4 neighborhoods to attain that candy).  Or another example is Mom Days - or a couple hours even. Just enough to relieve some stress and recuperate & get revived. Mom Tax - feel free to use that at will.

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