Friday, January 18, 2013


As mentioned earlier this week, it's birthday week at my house.
Today is my youngest son's 14th birthday.

My little miracle man - the toddler version.
Always super serious...(heh)
...and quite handsome too. I'm pretty sure he has groupies since kindergarten.

Scenes from my home December 2012 - Birthday boy on top of the island. I still don't know why this happened...

Like his handsome older brother girls have always "admired" him. Once in elementary school when I was an art docent for his class, a group of girls came up and asked me "What's he like at home? And what type of cereal does he eat?" I tried my hardest not to laugh, they were "fans" of my kid and wanted to know more about him. He may or may not have a fan page on Facebook...I'm not sure. :)

I'm pulling him out of school early today to go buy candy because we can and have festivities with the family later in the evening. It will be a good 14th birthday.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

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