Thursday, January 17, 2013

Senior Year - The Senior "Ad"

Some genius through the annals of time created a money making scheme by charging parents a fee to put in a little sentiment in a dedicated section of the school's yearbook. The Senior Ad section.
As a parent it is an opportunity to show off one last cutie patootie baby/toddler picture of your now Senior child with the town you live in. That and to say something sweet & meaningful as you send them on their way.

I spent way too much time looking for the "perfect" picture. One that says "Hey this kid is something special" with a touch of humor because that's how we roll. Oddly, I was able to whip up the wording to go with the picture rather quickly once I decided upon a picture. Unfortunately, I won't share it now and save it for her to see when she opens her yearbook (although she is apart of the yearbook staff and has probably already read it).  I'll have to follow up with you all on this again.
But this photo was a strong contender for the toddler picture to give you an idea:

2001 - The classic older sibling smack down. (My sons & my eldest daughter)
It really says it all here, Jina smiling while pinning down her brother while her youngest brother is crying from defeat. Yeah, that's my house although Jina is smaller than both of her brothers so the scales weigh in the favor them now.

Let's face it, Senior year is a year to put your child that you've invested so much time into, homework hours, dance classes, soccer games, violin lessons... on display or make them the center of attention before they take off. Applaud all of their achievements and cry like a hot mess while doing it.  Even if its just emailing a paragraph and a poorly scanned photo. This shit can turn you into mush! I wouldn't say that I am a big emotional type gal. "Hard ass & tough girl" is normal but "pile of sappy mush" is quickly becoming the norm.

This year has really been flying by and there's only a few months left. It has been so surreal. I'm willing to bet that is the word (surreal) I'll over use here. Its the first thing I say when some one asks me how things are going and how I am handling things. I also have some parents asking me what they can do to help them prepare for Senior year.  At this point I have to say just be ready to spend way more money than you thought imaginable on "stuff".  School fees, diners, invitations, cap & gown, formal dresses for dances and a plethora of other things like a Senior ad.  So save your pennies now and keep the tissue box close.


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