Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The First Accident

Yesterday afternoon my daughter was in her first car accident.
She wasn't driving but she was in the front seat in her boyfriend's car on the way home from school.

A lady rear ended the car in front of her which propelled that car into "my" kids car. *My daughter & boyfriend  have been dating for 2 years so he's like my kid at this point.*

The cars were at a complete stop when she hit them. They called me immediately after the accident and asked me to come there. My daughter's boyfriend's parents were both at work and I work from home so I able to get there quickly.

They had been waiting there for about 15 minutes when I arrived. I made sure that they were all okay. They said that the lady didn't even get out of her car at all or even talk to them. She got out when I got there and I had a little chat with her.  To make a long story short from the looks of things, she totaled her car, the kid's car whom she hit directly and my daughter's boyfriend's car needs a new bumper, back quarter panel at the very least.  The kid who's car who was directly hit said when he looked back after he was hit said he was pretty sure that he saw that lady on the phone.
To protect the privacy of the cars involved I'm only showing a little tiny bit of the damage.
Although the situation was a little intense for a couple minutes, I was very proud of my daughter (who was slightly hurt - face into dashboard) and her boyfriend. They did everything that they were supposed to do even if that lady wasn't being corporative at first.  All of the teenagers involved showed maturity and patience. The kids all "looked" like the stereotypical "punk" kids which I think they are often misjudged for.  I was very proud of all 3 of them - and I just met that other kid right then.

Thankfully it wasn't worse than it was and now they all unfortunately know what it is like to be in an accident. As mom I will never bitch and moan about the high cost of driver's ed. It paid off yesterday.
Teenagers +3 Old lady on cell phone -3.

Do you remember your first car accident? Did it change you as a driver/passenger for life?


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