Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu List
Thanksgiving is ONE week away. How time just keeps flying by me.
I really love Thanksgiving. Its is my favorite holiday. No gifts to give, nothing much to decorate and we keep it casual attire wise. One year (or 3) my family just wore sweatpants all day. Why bother to get all dressed up if you have small kids and save your appetite for this special occasion. Stretchy pants are a must! Best thing of all is enjoying food with friends and family and give thanks to each other.

I also really enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We all have our gifts in life and I am pretty sure that one of mine is the ability of cooking a great turkey.  I suck very much at cooking some stuff but roasted turkey isn't one of them. Hey- when you know you're good at something might as well acknowledge it right? I dote over our bird for hours and I enjoy every second of it.

This year I'll be cooking for 16 people possibly. Maybe more or less.
Traditionally like many other families we each get an opportunity to say what we are thankful for at dinner. Its nice to listen to each other when those are said. Each age bracket has a different outlook on what they are thankful for. Toys, boyfriends, jobs, health etc...  The evolution of life is great like that.

I'm just very thankful in general. My ages states that I haven't lived very long on Earth but my soul would argue otherwise. Time is fleeting and you have to enjoy things and be thankful for them while you can.


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