Wednesday, February 1, 2012

College Junk Mail

Seattle Pacific, University of Portland, Lewis & Clark College and Montana State University

I know the picture is horrible, but you can make out that the above picture is envelopes from colleges.
We've been getting them daily for my oldest kid.
Wanna talk about being emotionally compromised over stupid junk mail. I get all mushy and want to burst out into tears over stupid mail! I'm getting closer to letting my girl "go". Sure I have 3 others but everyday in my house everyone has a special addition to our daily activities. Whether its good or bad if one is gone its weird and awkward during their absence. The thought of my girl not being here on the daily, sorta terrifies me. I've had her with me since I was 18 years old, before my husband even. I am going to miss her!

As with any parent issue, I've found some online articles of other's experiences with their kids going off to college. Most of them are typical and say; "Oh he's off on a new adventure." "She looked so smart when we left her at the dorm with her new books." What!?! Don't these people have souls? Okay that is taking a bit far, but who the hell is honestly happy and thrilled about this? Let's be real, isn't this the time to really freak the fuck out as a parent? College, freedom, no parental supervision = pure crazy. I was a devil child so naturally late high school and the first years of college was the best for me. But if you were paying attention in the last paragraph you'll notice I said my daughter has been with me since I was 18. Uh huh...Thankfully my kid is smarter than I was so I don't think her story will play out like mine has. I can't help but worry though, its my job.

This journey is gonna be rough, no denying it - I'm freaking out about mail for Pete's sake. On one hand I feel like we are coming to an end of a journey and I'm passing the baton off to my daughter and telling her to go. On the other hand I'm wanting to say; "Screw you, I'm not ready!" and bolt off in another direction.

:/ - Thea

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