Friday, February 10, 2012

Seattle Local Moms

First Happy Friday! I hope you'll get to indulge in a little extra sleep tomorrow morning.
Please forgive the cross post from my personal blog, but this is some exciting times for one of our contributors - Jessi.  She is doing some speaking engagements today and tomorrow so I just wanted to pass that info along.

My friend who've I may or may not have posted some slightly incriminating or silly pictures here on my blog, recently wrote a book:

As you can gather from the title its about Free range chickens. If you've been paying attention to the latest additions to the slow food / urban homesteading movement you'll know that chickens are *the* thing right now. I can list off about 30 people I know who have, recently attained or intend on getting chickens. What a great benefit of fresh eggs right outside your back door, free range chicken meat or just cute little pets if you don't eat meat. I'm all for having chickens for those reasons.

You might think that you'd get a biased review from me a friend of the author, but you'd be wrong.  I can't fib to save my ass. I even "constructively critiqued" her yesterday about a television appearance she made. Yeah- I'm THAT friend.  So disregard any thoughts along those lines.

Her book addresses the very basics - the life cycle of a chicken, breeds & coop care.  On to sample garden plans with diagrams and information about choosing the right plants to coexist with your chickens.  I don't keep chickens, so a lot of the chicken information was totally new to me. I am an avid food gardener. While terms like nitrogen fixers and dynamic accumulators are fluent terms to me, she breaks it down for those who are new the gardening realm. I'll even be so bold and say that an advanced gardener would be able to take away a lot of helpful information about incorporating chickens into their gardens.

There is so much great information in this well laid out book. The pictures are fantastic, the diagrams are easy to follow for those who are visually inclined like myself. So much so that my 3 oldest children (teenagers) have been casually reading it at the breakfast table.  Their young sponge like minds are taking an interest in something that was very common just a couple generations ago.  If you can hold a teenager's attention you know there is some captivating information in there.

Jessi will actually be at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle this week for her "What the Cluck" seminars & book signings. All the details about her appearances are available on her blog - Garden Fowl.

If you happen to have an inkly of bringing home some chickens I hope you'll pick up a copy. It will definitely teach you all you need to know before and after you bring them home.

Happy Friday Friends!

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