Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet - Jessi

Contributor Jessi is a wonderful bank of knowledge when it comes to world of trees and plants.
She's a fellow native Washingtonian who happens to be a dear friend of mine.
I cornered her with a few questions so have a read & get to know Jessi!

1.) Who are you & where do you reside?

I'm Jessi Bloom, a garden obsessed mama living in rural-ish Snohomish County, just north of the Seattle area.
2.) Family Stats?

I'm married to my high school honey, we have 2 boys (10 and 7) and a plethora of farm animals.
Jessi & her high school sweetheart heart husband. 

3.) 3 words that describe your parenting style.

Patience-- Loving--Teacher

4.) One thing you've learned since becoming a mom?
 Just one thing!?  I think the biggest thing that I've learned is that life is so much more than it was before.  More love, more fun, more stress, but overall, more meaningful.  
5.) One thing you'd like to apologize to your parents for now, if anything?
My teenage years... sorry Mom for making you worry!   

6.) Favorite family night movie?
Its hard for all four of us to agree on stuff like this, but I'd have to say "How to Train Your Dragon " is up there at the top of the list.  I've found that these days most kid movies are much better than movies for grown ups.

7.) What is the number one thing on your bucket list?
Travel more -- I need to go to Spain and Ireland... or Brazil, or Costa Rica... anywhere really that is outside of the US.
8.) Absolute favorite thing to eat?
Another tough question Thea - geez! What first comes to mind is anything that reminds me of summer cookouts. But because I have a weakness for comfort food I'd have to say that my homemade apple pie kicks ass and is one of the best things ever...especially with my favorite coconut ice cream.

9.) One thing unique about you?
Dude.. I have no idea... help? 
- Thea here on behalf of Jessi: One of the unique qualities that I know Jessi to have - she is a plant saver. In the past 7-8 years of our friendship I have witnessed many occasions of her saving plants that are on the brink of death. To me, a regular gal - I would dismiss a plant that looked like it was on its deathbed but her - her heart is so big that she will nurture it to the best of her ability to give it life. She's great like that, a kind heart to go with her beautiful face.

Thea & Jessi adorned with moss while out on a walk in the Cascades.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jessi and be sure to check back with us often to catch Jessi's posts (but not limited to) garden stuff.


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