Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First Happy New Year!
It has been a little while. I hope you all weathered the holiday well!

Among the craziness of the holidays with family & work I had a revelation of sorts.
A few of my friends were circulating this article back in November online.
The second regret mentioned really resonated with me. "I wish I didn't work so hard." Not that I don't like  hard work and there is a tale to tell  about my personal background on that matter - but my time to let my kids go off on their own is coming closer.
I realize it is the ultimate goal - raise the kids, send them off & hope for  the best.  But when it happens it truly changes how you look upon things.  My eldest daughter has one more year at home before she moves away to start her own life adventure. My eldest son isn't too much far behind her.
As a parent time does seem to fly by at a rapid rate. One moment they are toddlers driving you crazy the next they are teenagers driving away.
My family in 2006

Time with them is precious. Being self employed sometimes you can become your work. My personal big change is to lighten my workload just a smidgen. I'll probably post more often about my journey with my teenagers, but don't worry recipes & other tutorials will still be the norm here.

Hug your babies & hug yourself while you're at it.

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