Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Save Money?

You've already been bombarded with tax services emails and commercials this month. Yep, add that tax return on your to do list. Along with losing weight most folks start getting aggressive with saving money after the holidays.

In a different time of my life I used to dread January, it meant that I'd be working 60+ hours a week on tax returns until April 15th. They always say that you shouldn't talk about religion & politics, but I'd like to toss money in there too. That is one subject that makes most really uncomfortable.
Some have it and some don't. It causes the age old rift between people - the rich vs. the poor and it runs our society.

Lately I've been noticing more and more articles about living with less or spending less.
A California family lived a year without groceries,  (Not really so don't worry, but they did very well!)

A German Grandmother has lived the past 16 years without money. Seriously.

Living Without Money - trailer from Without Money on Vimeo.

And I'll even mention that horrible Extreme Couponing show. I do admit I watch it and I do "coupon", but I like to think of myself as a normal person and I don't have 40 things of mustard on hand at any given time.
I know these things are a direct result to the down economy and many are just trying to get by.
So let me correct my comment about thinking its a bad idea to talk about money, it is good to talk about saving it. Maybe not in an extreme manner but in a sensible manner.  I just sent off a little how to save care package to my sister in law so I thought I'd add some of those type of tidbits here too in the near future.

Happy Monday~

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