Thursday, January 19, 2012

Homemade Marmalade

Orange Vanilla Marmalade
I took advantage of being snowed in this week by getting a couple tasks checked off my to do list.
Last year when we were snowed in and I made marmalade then.  I did leave the rind on last year which is great for certain recipes, cakes, glazes etc..  But this year I did the traditional orange marmalade recipe. 
It is super easy to make. This is my favorite recipe to share.
Basically its 10 oranges ( I used organic ones.)
4 cups of sugar
3-4 cups of water
I didn't use lemons. I did however add a shot of real vanilla extract to half of my marmalade because it tastes awesome.

Peel and cut the fruit. Toss in the large pot, add water & boil. When the liquid starts to boil and the fruit has broken down a bit (it takes a little bit) add the sugar.

Get it to a rolling boil then kill the heat & add to your prepared canning jars. Then process in your canner for 15-20 minutes.

So good and much cheaper AND better than store bought. 
Give it a shot!


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