Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everything is popping up!

The pot broke but they're still growing.
Broken pot but the flowers don't care.

Aside from having random sneezing sessions I really love spring.  Varying shades of green reappear among our dark evergreens.

Lily of the Valley
Lily of the valley flowers.
I actually love all the seasons, not that we actually get them all in the Pacific Northwest but I think I genuinely like them all.  I am especially excited about spring this year because I installed a much larger gardening space in my backyard. 

Yesterday. I can grow food #power
New garden bed - early spring 2012. View from the second floor.
I needed more room for bigger foods, like potatoes, corn and squashes. 

Potatoes are coming!
This year with my teenagers seemingly eating up all my groceries as soon as I buy them,  I decided to make an effort to grow as much food as my yard would allow. I've always grown the basics for salads including tomatoes but I wanted to take it up a notch.

My kids do participate with gardening. They help me with weeding, removing rocks, watering & general maintenance.  Even simple stuff helps and everyone likes to harvest what has grown. Especially fresh peas.... mmmmm!

Paper Pots Seedlings Progress
Baby tomatoes
I know gardening has been really trendy the past few years among folks in my age group. I think its wonderful and a great sign that people really do care about what they eat and using your spaces to the maximum. Its really such a shame to have a huge lawn and not do anything with it. Right?

On a semi related the Northwest's favorite chicken lady is doing her East Coast leg of her book tour right now. If you happen to be in the Washington DC/Maryland area and are interested in learning to keep chickens be sure to make it out to see her talks.
And don't forget to grab her book too!

Enjoy your gardens!


  1. it's amazing how much time people spend on lawns when part of that space could be used to grow food! i'm working on my first tiny garden this year, and am already excited and hoping to expand a bit next year.

    1. I have a neighbor who is a "religious" lawn waterer/mower who has cut a large portion of their trees down to create more lawn. I'm pretty sure they're not from around here... :)

      How exciting about your garden!!! I hope it goes well and that you do expand next year. I get all crazy fan girl about my garden and pretty much vocally celebrate each thing I harvest. "Look at this zucchini!!!" "Who cares this is the 20th one this week! Its awesome!" Hahaha