Friday, May 11, 2012

What A Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day

Hello internet friends! I chose not to do a big post about Mother's Day.
Some of us lost ours moms, some love our moms dearly, some can't stand being in the same room as our moms and some of us have Asian moms (like me).

But there comes a time in our lives as mothers where we get a selfish bone and say;
"Hey!!! I'm THE mom. - That's MY DAY!" and you just send your mom a card or think a good thought of your mom & call it good and allow your children to lavish you with love and affection above and beyond what they normally do.

I know I just created a little dream scenario for you there. Most of us will end up doing housework and making dinner like any other day.
The alternative is fires in the microwave and messes that you will have to clean up Monday after work.

But I know a lot of mamas and honestly you know what makes us happy, sleep.
Good old fashioned uninterrupted zzzz's.

the first picture of me in 2011
Thea's not enough sleep pose. In the style of a Serendipity Book creature.

So for all of you teenagers/husbands/SOs/best friends of a mama the best thing you can give a mom is a couple extra hours of sleep.

Moms out there, can I get a "Hell Yeah!"

May your dishes be light, may your kids not fight and may Mother's Day do you right.
Have a lovely Mother's Day!


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