Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy 17 Jina!

17 years ago I welcomed Jina into the world.
Baby Jina
18 years old and a week before my high school graduation.
I had a really rough year and an even rougher pregnancy. I recall watching a lot of the OJ Simpson trial from a hospital bed.
I didn't take any birthing classes.
I didn't even have a significant other. I just went in and had a baby.
I had two friends in the delivery room with me taking a crash course class on how a baby was born.
It seemed like a sitcom episode at times.

Jina had a ton of brown/blonde hair and big doll eyes and had my heart ever since.

Bigger toddler Jina

Her being changed my life for the better. Not in a whole parental legacy way either, let me remind you that I was a bit of a troublemaker. Having her gave me real responsibility. Truly having to care for someone else besides myself. I had to quit being a jerk and do something good pretty promptly.

Jina & Me

Like any aspect of parenting it hasn't always been easy, but its always been "us".
She is an amazing person.
One of my favorite persons.

Happy Birthday Sunshine-


  1. Happy birthday jina! Love you two! Xoxoxo!

  2. Happy birthday Jina - you're both very lucky to have each other. :)