Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Pictures

Thea (center) with her kids including the fur baby
The picture above was taken on Mother's Day, this past Sunday for our international friends. If you look very closely you'll notice that this seemingly good family portrait has a classic family element in it.

In my time of being a mom I have never had a family picture that was 100%.
Someone is blinking, looking the wrong way, choking themselves...(I seriously have a picture of my son choking himself in a studio portrait.)
It makes for interesting conversation when I have guests over.

I think since we as a society have moved away from the studio portraits since we have such amazing capabilities with digital we are more relaxed & ourselves in photos. I remember in the 1980's posing awkwardly in knee high socks and ugly pink dresses hating being positioned for the "perfect" picture. It was horrible. But in contrast there is something special about professional family portraits. I have copies of some my family's from the late 1800's. They are pretty amazing.

My youngest daughter has her classroom picture today and I always feel I have to coach my kids into smiling naturally. Not super cheesy anime face smiling. As most visual people I really enjoy looking at pictures to associate a time and place about someone. My kids in particular, duh right?  All though I wish I was better about remembering to print them more often. Are you guys good about that? Do you still take your kids to a studio to get family pictures? I wanna know if I am a slacker mom on this.

Momma's Boy & his Momma
And in case you didn't find the classic "element" in the picture above. Here's a bigger hint.


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