Saturday, October 15, 2011

A couple words about food.

"Mom, I'm hungry."
"Mom, what's for dinner?"

Carrot cake love. #cake #love #food #sweets #dessert
My eldest daughter & her piece of carrot cake.

Two sentences that are in constant repeat in my home.
I love food. I absolutely love to eat but I am a bit picky about what I eat 98% of the time.

Becoming aware of what you eat and where it comes from I feel is really important for a family to know.
Bruchetta w/ Goat Cheese Recipe
Homemade Bruschetta 
I find it fascinating that a lot of us don't think about things like that. We just eat "whatever" to fulfill the current hunger pains.

We spend lots of money on our homes, cars and clothes but we skimp on the costs of our food. Which we put into our bodies that we hope will last decades. Seems a little backwards and that is why I am picky about what I eat.

Yellow Wax Beans

I'm definitely not here to preach about this topic, but as a mom who buys and cooks all the food in my home, its on my mind a lot. "What AM I cooking for dinner?"  For me it became even more noticeable when I became serious about using coupons about a year and half ago. (We'll revisit that later.)

I know there are a million blogs dedicated to the subject of sustainable or organic living and healthy eating. A lot of times they are a really "heavy" read. Save the world! Don't eat the animals! Only shop at certain places! Do it now or die!
Which is truly wonderful thinking but let's be honest, a lot of times most of us can barely handle what is on our own plates.  We have to save ourselves and our own families first before we can save others.
But it doesn't hurt to become educated as a family. Knowing is half that battle.

Here is a little list of a few movies that my family has watched on the food topic:
  • Forks Over Knives - A take on "healing" yourself by eating a plant base whole foods diet. This was particularly interesting to our family with my husband having high cholesterol & me being a sugar addict. (My own father died of complications from diabetes.)
  • Food Matters - A lot like Forks Over Knives.
  • Food, Inc. - A look into what makes a hamburger cost less than a bunch of carrots in America. I actually had a friend from another country say to me "That's why Americans are so fat." after seeing this movie.  :/
  • What's On Your Plate? - This one is definitely one that younger kids can watch and get. The movie is presented by two young girls who seek out where their food comes from. 
I feel its important for you to know I'm not a vegetarian, I don't always buy organic produce, I have a monthly grocery budget and I have a massive sweet tooth. But I do what I can to help my family eat well. We prepare foods together, go grocery shopping together, garden together and we eat together.
After all what matters most is each other and being together. After I realized that I changed my own thinking about eating.


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