Friday, October 21, 2011

Must See These 3

This is the first installment of Must See These 3.
A gathering of 3 related or unrelated topic links that you as a parent should see.

A Food Fight in the Produce Aisle - The Wall Street Journal - What do you think? Should prepackaged food get placement next to fresh fruits and veggies? Does it give the illusion of freshness undeservedly?
The Real Problem with Toddles and TV- The New York Times - I personally no longer have toddlers but  this quote caught my attention; "Honestly, did anyone ever genuinely think they were doing their children a developmental favor by sticking them in front of that scary big baby who rises in the sun on Teletubbies?

Have you flipped through the crappy kid shows on TV recently? No wonder everything from the 1980's gets remade.

Lastly this link was provided to me by my eldest daughter. She is a junior in high school taking an Accelerated Program Psychology class. (I know, who does that?) 
Well she has come home many times overwhelmed with excitement about things she has learned from her teacher who proudly displays a sticker on his podium stand that reads "Kill Your TV". He's great.

This will be the best & most informative thing that you'll watch all week.
The Secret Powers of Time - Cognitive Media

Eat dinner with your family this weekend okay?
^_^ -Thea

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