Monday, October 10, 2011

Crafts - Halloween Blood Sprayed Flowers

My kids are older so as a family we've evolved through the stages of Halloween.
Where we once had stuffed Ziggy plushes lining the window sill that simply had "Boo! I love you" on them. We now have darker themed items like light up skull heads and blood sprayed floral decor.

I am a bit out there with my home decor anyways, but I do try to keep things fun and interesting if the occasion arises. Also having teenagers in the house adds a whole new level of Halloween fun.  Horror flicks, scarier themed costumes, you know stuff you love when you are a teenager. 

So this is a fun cheap project to do.
A lot of the time you can find fake flowers at the thrift store on the cheap.

Inexpensive fake flowers.
At your favorite local craft store you can find bottles of acrylic craft paints for around $0.50 to $1.50 depending on your area and store brands. 

Simply choose a couple shades or red or even black and simply drizzle some "blood" on. You could even paint or dye the flowers black. That was our second choice but we were going for The Shining type of look. 

My Halloween decor
I know this project isn't for everyone. My husband can barely handle horror flicks. But I am growing with my kids and I want home to always be a fun place for them. We do a lot of projects like this together. The mantle in the picture above my decorated by my oldest two. I do however keep our stuff Ziggy plush out for sentimental reasons.

Boo! I love you.
 The family that plays together stays together right?


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