Monday, October 3, 2011


Small foods are cute right?

Mini foods from my garden. -Photo by Thea
2 mini cucumbers
1 mini bell pepper
1 mini Hungarian hot pepper

I have no justification as to why I picked these other than my lack of patience.

Well actually I think I did to feel better about my mass amount of green tomatoes that I have in the garden.  I'm thinking about going out and picking them anyways and letting them ripen inside on the counter. I know there are about a million tips, tricks & myths on how to get your tomatoes to ripen inside. But for me, just bringing them in and letting them hang out in the kitchen on the counter seems to do the trick. (For me at least.) How about you? Or do you just bring them in & fry them up? ^_^

Green Heirloom Tomato - Photo by Thea
Mmmmm! I can think of about 20 dishes that could use some tasty tomatoes!

*Off to make dinner!*


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